Trend Report: Headbands

Headbands have been around for quite awhile now but more recently I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram and fashion blogs. I honestly don’t think I’ve worn a headband since elementary school so I was a little nervous to try this trend. My favorite look is a simple outfit with a lot of cute accessories. Headbands are great for spring and summer and can really pull an outfit together and make it pop. I first tried on one at Forever 21 and ended up loving it so I got it in two colors. Since getting the first one I have purchased a few more and also found some that I definitely want to purchase in the future.

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I figured I’d start off with the style I first tried. As you’ll be able to tell throughout this blog post I love the knotted style headbands. I’m typically not into satin fabric but I just love how it looks with these headbands. One thing I did not like about headbands when I was a little gal was when they were too tight on your head. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. This one is not tight at all, super comfortable to wear. I wore this one all day and didn’t feel like I needed to adjust it once. These colors are definitely out of my comfort zone but I know they’ll make my outfits pop this summer.

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This style is super similar to the last one but its full wrap. I love the gingham pattern on this and I think it’ll be a super cute piece to transition through spring and summer.

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This one I wasn’t too sure about at first because the main color of it is black and I usually don’t enjoy wearing dark colors. I actually LOVE this one but I definitely see myself wearing it more to work than anything. It’s casual but cute and classy.

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If you know me you may know im not huge into colors. I love neutrals for the most part but when I do color its usually a pastel like this one. I love the simplicity of this but the cute details on it as well.

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Animal print has been super on trend lately too. I love the little tie on the top of this and can definitely picture wearing it with a cute simple outfit.

On my list to buy:

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