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Travel With Me: Cape Cod - Ready Set Liv

Travel With Me: Cape Cod

This past weekend my family and I took a road trip to Cape Cod for my dads 50th birthday. Since we were in the car for eight hours it really had me thinking about my blog and what content I wanted to work on. One of the things I really want to do this year and for the rest of my life is travel as much as I can. I already have a couple other trips in mind for this year so I figured I would start a travel series and bring you along with me and share what we did and my recommendations for the area. For each travel with me post I will share my experiences traveling as a vegan, the outfits I wore, what we did and much more.

Day 1:

The first day was a lot of driving. The ride from Buffalo to North Truro(the village we stayed in) is a little over eight hours. With traffic and stops we didn’t end up getting to our Airbnb until around 6:30 pm. This didn’t leave us a ton of time to do things. We ended up just driving around for a bit until we found somewhere to eat. We went to Victors in Provincetown and it was good! For a vegan, they didn’t have a ton of options. I got a veggie burger which was average and sweet potato fries that were very good. My family(who all eat meat and dairy) liked it a lot! So final review would be that it wasn’t super worth the price for a vegan but if you’re not a vegan it’s a great option! After dinner we decided to head back to our cottage and call it a night. A long day of driving had us all very tired. The first day I kept my outfit simple and comfortable with Lululemon leggings and a basic long sleeve and jacket.

Day 2:

The second day we dedicated to exploring Provincetown. We started off with eating breakfast at our place. But then we got coffee at a little place called Wired Puppy and it was so good! I just got an iced coffee with vanilla and soy milk but the prices were reasonable and the coffee was really good so it worked out well for picking the first coffee shop we found. After grabbing our coffee we hit the shops of Commercial Street. If you’re not familiar with Provincetown i’ll give you a little info. Provincetown is at the northern tip of Cape Cod and known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry, and its status as a vacation destination for the LGBTQ community. With that being said, you can imagine it has amazing little touristy shops(these mostly live on Commercial Street). I’m trying to be better with my spending habits so for that reason I only ended up getting a ring, anklet and pair of pants! The jewelry store I got the ring and anklet from was SO cute and I believe it was called Zinnia. I also purchased a pair of elephants pants because I’ve always wanted a pair to lounge in but never purchased them. When I saw that they were only 18 dollars I figured why not. After a bit of shopping we decided to get lunch at Governor Bradford. This places only vegan option was fries and onion rings so that is what I got and honestly it was really good. But if you’re vegan and looking for a real meal, this isn’t your place. After a little more walking around we decided to explore some of the beaches and let me tell you, they are beautiful. Although it wasn’t necessarily beach weather it was still so cool to see the ocean and just take it all in. I would definitely recommend checking out as many of the beaches you can, even if its not warm outside. After driving from beach to beach we decided to stop at Provincetown House of Pizza for dinner. They didn’t have too many vegan options here either but they did have a yummy veggie sub and really good sweet potato fries. And my opposite-of-vegan-family really enjoyed their pizza. After that we called it a night! I’m still obsessed with the outfit I wore this day. The sweater I got from Forever 21 last year so I wasn’t able to find it to link. The pants I wore I got from Forever 21 recently and they are so cute and comfy. These are perfect for spring time or cold summer nights.

Day 3:

This day was definitely my favorite, it was my dads birthday so we started his birthday breakfast at Liz’s Cafe. This was definitely the best vegan meal I had. First, they had soy milk for their coffee which is always a win and then they had a vegan scrambler that was tofu mixed with veggies and it also came with fruit and toast on the side. It was SOOO good and now that I’m talking about it, I’m craving it. My family also really enjoyed their meals, I would HIGHLY recommend this place vegan or not. After our amazing meal we headed back towards Commercial Street, not really sure what we were doing yet. We walked by a ticket store for whale watches and noticed that it was open. When we previously called they told us they didn’t have any boats going out for whale watches so we weren’t planning on doing it but when we saw that they did have one we had to go. The whale watch was SO cool, I have been on them before when I was young but I definitely still enjoyed it. We saw dolphins, seals and a couple different types of whales. It’s so surreal and crazy to see how big whales actually are and to also see them in the wild. Although it was pricey to go on, I would definitely recommend doing this experience because it’s so worth it. This took up most of our day so we didn’t really have lunch. After that we went back to our place to change for dinner. Before dinner we decided to stop at one of the beaches to take pictures because there was an amazing sunset. We got dinner at an Italian place called Montanas and it was very good. A lot of their food was home made so they were able to make me a vegan pizza. Which was basically just pizza with veggies and without the cheese but it was very yummy. The outfit I wore this day included jeans, a cute long sleeve crop top from Forever 21 and a super cute cardigan I got from a local boutique. The top I wore is sold out but they also have it in white which I was able to link.

Day 4:

This is the day we went home! We ate breakfast at our place again and then headed to Commercial Street. We walked around for one last time and got coffee at the same coffee shop because it was so good the first time. Then we started to head back and had another nice long eight-hour drive back to Buffalo.

I had a great time on this trip and I look forward to going back sometime in the near future. As for my experience traveling vegan for the first time, it wasn’t terrible. I did go with all meat eaters so it wasn’t like we were going to specific vegan places. I can’t wait to share all my future travels with you guys! Make sure you follow my Instagram to stay updated on all my travels, daily life and probably a million more pictures from this trip(:



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