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Transitioning Outfits into Fall - Ready Set Liv

Transitioning Outfits into Fall

You know those weeks where one day it’s nice and cool, the perfect temperature, but by the next day it’s scorching hot? Scorching hot might be a little dramatic but that’s pretty much how all of fall goes here in Buffalo and then we go straight into winter. It makes dressing for fall slightly difficult but that’s why I’m here with this post. I wanted to share my top tip for dressing for fall when you don’t get full-on fall weather.

So here’s my one and only top tip; layering. Sounds basic, I know. BUT there’s so many different ways to layer your looks for fall that can be easily transitioned into a different outfit if the weather changes up on you throughout the day.

My favorite way to do this is by starting with jeans and a tank top or short sleeve shirt. I’ll then add a cardigan, denim jacket, leather jacket or something of that sort. I feel like this is the most simple and basic way to transition your outfits from summer to fall. You could also easily do this with skirts, dresses or whatever outfit is your favorite to wear. I included some outfits that I put together this year so you can see how I would do this!

My favorite cardigans and layering pieces

My favorite tanks and tees

If you couldn’t already tell, I am very excited for fall! If you enjoyed this post and want to see more fall fashion make sure you’re following me on Instagram!



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