Top Five Friday: Shoes

Hi honeys! This is my first ‘Top Five Friday’ and I’m so excited! So I’ve seen a lot people doing “Friday favorites” and things like that so I thought it would be fun to do something similar. I’m sure someone has done this before so I’m not claiming that I came up with this idea. BUT every Friday I’m going to pick my top five products on different topics. They might be things I have or similar things to what I have or even things I want to purchase. So to start I thought I would do shoes since I’m obsessed with shoes! These are my top five shoes for the summer.

  • Platform Sandals: Okay so I don’t own these specific shoes but I had to put these in. Platforms have been really in lately and I think some people were kind of scared of this trend until the summer when all these cute sandals started coming out. I think these are perfect for every day wear or dressing them up. These are definitely a must-have this summer. The pair I own and am obsessed with are currently sold out but you can sign up to be emailed when they are available here.
  • Mules: I also don’t own these but I wish I did. I’ve been eyeing these shoes for awhile and they’re definitely going to be my next purchase. I think mules are perfect for the summer because if you’re anything like me a you love being able to slide shoes on real quick before leaving the house.
  • Birkenstock Sandals: I bought these last summer and they have been my go-to ever since for warm weather. I wear theses to work very often or when I’m going to run errands, they’re super comfortable and easy to pair with outfits.
  • Wedges: I feel like wedges will never go out of style, especially for summer. I wear these whenever I’m going out or doing something that requires me to dress up a little.
  • Slip-On Vans: If you know me, you know vans are my all time favorite shoes so how could I not include them? These are my most recently purchased pair and I’ve been loving them. The yellow gives such a summer vibe and they’re very comfortable if you plan to do a day of a lot of walking around.

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What are your go-to summer shoes?



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