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Tips For Staying Organized + Getting Things Done - Ready Set Liv

Tips For Staying Organized + Getting Things Done

Its almost that time of year again, classes start for me NEXT week and I know some people have already started. So what better time for giving my tips to stay(or get) organized. I think being organized in a lot aspects of your life is crucial for keeping stress levels down. I know for me if my desk at work is a mess I get super overwhelmed and don’t even want to do work. Same thing for school, if I have assignments all over I get super overwhelmed and stressed! These are just some things that work for me and may not work for everyone else but hopefully this inspires you to get organized and get things done! 

Write Things Down

This may be an obvious one to most people but I definitely think it’s the most important. Writing down assignments, projects, work tasks or really anything to remind you to do it will always benefit you in the long run. I write things down EVERYWHERE, in my phone/laptop, an agenda, notebook, sticky notes, whatever. This helps me a lot because I have the worst memory. All of the other tips are things I would most likely write down in one way or another.

Buy a Planner

I just recently bought a planner from Barnes + Noble and I’ve been so obsessed with it! Other than the fact that is super cute, it has a month chart to write down big things but then it goes by day. I love the weekly list because I can really narrow down what I do each day and time which makes it a lot easier to look at and organize. I also love this because before each month theres a little graphic with inspiring words. AND before every month theres an area to write your monthly goals. So, its pretty much perfect. I couldn’t find it online to link but I just recently bought it so they probably have it(or something similar) in store. But you can also find sooo many different types of planners online and in stores, so just find one that works best for you!

Set Goals

This is my favorite thing to do in order to get stuff done. I always set daily, weekly and monthly goals. If you have an iPhone, the reminders app that comes on your phone is perfect for this. You can set an alarm for each task if you need it done by a certain date so its super helpful. For daily I set my reminder for the morning because then the notification will stay on my phone until the task is complete. Even if its one or two goals its good to have a reminder to do them. There have been times where I’m laying in bed and I realized I forgot to do something. No one wants to get out of bed once they’re there so it’s definitely helpful. I hope I’m not the only one but I love making lists, like I will make a list for anything. That being said, this is the easiest way for me, personally to stay organized. 

Stick to Deadlines

I am definitely queen of procrastination so this is something I struggle with. It’s so important to get things done before they’re due or you’ll start to get behind on everything. I have been doing pretty well with my blog deadlines and I’m hoping I can stay on track this semester as well. I love using my planner for this but since I don’t always have that on me I use the calendar app on my phone. This REALLY helps, I can look at what I have due that week or day at any time-because obviously I have my phone on me at pretty much all times. Before I go to bed I like to make sure all my things are on track and ill double check what I need to do for the next day. I also love using the calendar app because you can color code your tasks, between school, work, appointments or whatever you want really. 

What do you do to stay organized? Leave me a comment!



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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    For the most part, I favor written organization over digital. So I keep a planner with me always and use my phone to set reminders since I tend to forget despite writing it down lol. Handy tips girl! Thanks!

    Posted 8.24.18 Reply
    • readysetliv wrote:

      I totally agree! no problem(:

      Posted 8.24.18 Reply