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Hi loves! I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts that lately I’ve gotten a lot of messages from girls telling me I inspired them to want to make or blog or actually made one! This makes me SO happy. I love that sharing my life inspires others to want to do the same. I wanted to make a list of tips for anyone that has thought about starting a blog but hasn’t yet! I hope these tips are helpful to you and if you ever have any questions or need help, please please please don’t hesitate to ask me.


This is my BIGGEST tip, before starting my blog I was so scared to do it. I’ve always been an introverted person and scared of judgment. This was really holding me back. My thoughts were “will people make fun of me,” “will I be able to put myself out there enough to create good content,” and much more. But you can’t let these thoughts get to you. If you know this is something that will genuinely make you happy–just go for it. Don’t worry about what anyone has to say. Another thing I was worried about was not being able to put out the best content and being the best. But everyone has to start somewhere and it can’t be at the top. Start small, start anywhere, but just do it!


Being positive on your blog is so important! I think bringing any type of negativity your blog can really be, well, negative. That goes for your blog name as well, if you want to use a blog name thats something other than your name,(like Ready Set Liv for example) it should be something positive! You want your readers to feel inspired and happy when they’re reading your posts or viewing your page. I’ve talked before about how I have issues with comparing myself to others. This is sooo easy to do, but it’s so negative! Take a step back and look at what YOU want your blog to be. Be positive and be true to yourself!


Getting into the more technical parts of starting a blog, I highly recommend NOT purchasing a domain name before you launch. Buying a domain and self hosting can be pretty pricey. If you’re just starting out you don’t fully know you’ll commit to blogging regularly so it might not be worth the money. For me, I waited a little bit under a year to purchase my domain name. This was almost a year of consistent blogging and I knew I was going to be doing this for a long time. The site I used before purchasing was WordPress. This is the site I recommend to anyone that asks me how to start a blog. They have a free plan that is SUPER easy to use. The free plan doesn’t give you a ton of customizable options but they have so many different themes that I think can you would be able to find something you like. If you ever need help using WordPress, I am happy to help!


I personally chose to start a separate instagram for my blog. I think this is important because that way you can get genuine followers that actually want to see your blog content! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely promote my blog on my personal instagram but having a separate one really helps with my worry about people judging me. If they didn’t like my blog, they wouldn’t be following my instagram dedicated to it(or at least I hope they wouldn’t). On my ‘blog’ Instagram I feel more free to post whatever I want and the things I love. Instagram is a GREAT way to market your blog as well. The majority of views I get on my blog come from my instagram! You can even create an instagram account before starting your blog to promote launching it. Use social media to your advantage!

I hope these tips help you and if you have any questions please feel free to ask! You can leave a comment, message me on instagram, or email me!



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  1. Love. More tips please 💕😍

    Posted 11.8.18 Reply
  2. I really like these tips! I couldn’t agree more with the first one of just getting started! It took me years to start mine, I wished I had started sooner. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Posted 11.8.18 Reply
  3. Cara Cozy wrote:

    I try to keep all of my social media and blog posts positive – even if something bad happens there is always a silver lining and I want to show people that! Thank you for taking the time to share this 🙂

    Posted 11.9.18 Reply