Road Trip Essentials

Road trips have always been one of my favorite things. I love being able to drive through different states and see how different they are. Over my many years of road trips, I have found a few things that are essential for me to have.

Water Bottle

No matter where I’m going, I always bring a water bottle with me. Therefore when I go on road trips, you know I have a water bottle on me. I hate the feeling of being dehydrated because it gives me headaches and I just do not feel well. I always have a really big water bottle so I don’t have to worry about refilling it so much or having to buy plastic bottles.

Stasher Bag Filled With Snacks

It doesn’t matter how far my road trip is, I’m always bringing snacks with me. I fill my stasher bags with healthy snacks like grapes, trail mix or whatever I may be in the mood for. I like to only bring healthy snacks since pretty much all ‘road food’ is unhealthy. Most rest stops have fast food or gas station type food. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely eat unhealthy when I’m on the road but I like to bring healthy options because, balance, ya know?


Typically, when I take road trips with my family I’m the one that’s on the aux which I’m 100% okay with. But when I’m not, I always make sure to bring my AirPods(or any headphones, I just love my AirPods) so I can either listen to my own music, watch youtube videos or Netflix.


This is IMPORTANT. If you aren’t behind the wheel, road trips are the best time to catch up on some sleep. When my dad and I drove to Texas I’m pretty sure I slept 90% of the drive. Sleeping in a car is not easy or comfortable so having a comfy pillow is necessary. I love bringing my pillow with my slip silk pillowcase because it’s sooo comfy. I also find myself moving around a lot when I sleep in cars which can cause hair breakage and the silk pillowcase can help to prevent that from happening.

Hoodie + Leggings

This is definitely an obvious one but being comfy is important. I typically like to wear a short-sleeve shirt, hoodie, and leggings. I like to layer especially if we leave really early in the morning, it’s usually colder than it will be later in the day.


There’s not a worse feeling than feeling sick and being stuck in a car. My go-to is always lots of water but also aleve is the medicine that I think helps the most.

Toothbrush + Toothpaste + Floss

I obviously pack these items either way but I keep them somewhere that I can easily access. I hate the feeling of my teeth being dirty especially if I eat something unhealthy. I like to keep these things easily accessible so if I’m feeling gross I can do a quick brush at a pit stop. You can also do disposable ‘wisps’ but I’m personally trying to not use so much single-use plastic this year!

Laptop / iPad

I ALWAYS have my laptop with me. I love working on blog posts, editing videos, whatever it may be it definitely helps time go by faster. I’ve also recently been bringing my iPad with me to watch Netflix if I want. I don’t like to waste the battery on my phone for obvious reasons and I don’t like to waste the battery on my laptop unless I’m using it for working on blog stuff. I like to have my iPad as a backup to play games and watch Netflix and not have to worry about wasting my battery life.


Speaking of wasting battery, I always have a portable charger with me. Luckily, in my car, I have a USB port for my charger but I like to have the portable charger too as a backup just incase someone else wants to use the car charger.


Like I said before, there aren’t many worse things than feeling sick and being stuck in a car. If its sunny out and you’re squinting, that can cause headaches and who wants that? I always keep my sunglasses with me but I definitely make sure to have them on road trips no matter what time of year it is.


And last but not least, a cute backpack to keep all these things in! I find it easiest to have a big bag to keep all my stuff. I like backpacks because they’re typically taller and take up less space than a purse would. I also always have a purse but I bring a small one and then just put it into my backpack if there’s room. This one I found at Lululemon is definitely my favorite because it fits SO much but barely takes up any space and I can keep it right at my feet.

I hope this post is helpful for any future road trips you may have! I will update this if I find to have anything else to be necessary for road trips! I already have a couple planned for this year so ill definitely keep you guys updated!



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