Nighttime Routine

Hi loves! I love practicing self-care at night along with a good skincare routine. Since I’ve changed my skincare routine up a few times I like doing frequent posts on it to keep you guys updated on new products I use. 

Before going to bed I’ve been drinking green tea! Drinking green tea has a lot of benefits. The specific benefits of drinking it before bed include keeping you relaxed, improves your metabolism, reduces risk of the flu, removes waste from your body, lowers the risk of cancer and more. Obviously all these benefits are great and I love the taste of it. I love drinking my tea with a candle lit and a good tv show playing in the background and in some comfy clothes.

After relaxing for a little, I start my skincare routine. I love showering at night because its super relaxing to me but I also dislike falling asleep with my hair wet so this really depends on what time I can start relaxing. Usually if I shower i’ll do that before drinking my tea. But when I don’t, i’ll start by washing my face. I’ve been using the same face wash for a while now and I don’t plan to switch anytime soon. The one I use and have talked about before is the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. This is good for normal to oily skin. I love this because although its for oily skin, it doesn’t dry out my skin. This is also gentle enough to use on your skin everyday. Every other day I exfoliate my face and body. I’ve tried a few exfoliators but the one I always go back to is the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub. I love how this one feels on my skin, it really feels like it’s unclogging my pores and I can always see an improvement in my acne when I use it. The next step and last step I do is moisturize. I use CeraVes Moisturizing Cream, this is another one I’ve been using for a while. This moisturizer has worked best for me because it keeps my face moisturized without clogging my pores. Lately I’ve been keeping my skincare routine pretty basic since I’ve had issues with a lot of products. I’ve been trying to get a steady routine before I introduce new products to my skin. Doing this will help me figure out if a treatment for acne is really working or not. I also try to do a face mask once a week but I have a separate blog post about the face masks I use coming soon! If you want to know what I use you can subscribe to my blog to get email updates for post or follow my instagram!

I’m sure you know that staying off your phone before bed is a great practice. This is definitely hard for me so what I like to do is only go to bed when I’m truly ready so I’m not laying there staring at my phone. I also love doing guided meditation to help me fall asleep. The best ones I find are on youtube! I’ll just look up guided mediation for sleep, put one on and then flip my phone over so the light isn’t distracting me. Another tip for staying off your phone is setting a do not disturb time. If you have an iPhone you can go in your settings under do not disturb and select a time you don’t notifications sent to your phone. I have my set for 11pm to 6 am during the week and this has helped a lot! If I don’t get notifications I’m less likely to look at my phone.

Having a good nighttime routine is really great for your mental health! I love practicing self care before for a better night’s sleep. What type of things do you guys do for self care before bed? Leave me a comment!



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