May Plant Finds

Last summer I really got into house plants and quickly grew my collection and started blogging about it. Last year, I started a series of my monthly finds. since I started a little late in the year I didn’t post too many because plant season went away quick. This month it finally started to get warmer and I went a little crazy plant shopping. Over the winter, quite a few of my plants didn’t make it due to my drafty windows so I definitely needed this month to restock.

Maranta Leuconeura(Prayer Plant)

The first one I got I am SO excited about. I looked for this one last summer but didn’t have much luck. I actually ended up purchasing two at different locations and then found a bunch more at another location but I’ll get more into that later. So this plant gets its nickname(prayer plant) because at night the leaves go upwards like hands praying and it’s SO cool. I found a timelapse on Instagram to show you guys how much this plant moves in one day, here. This plant can tolerate low light which is great for someone who doesn’t have huge windows or windows with sunlight coming in directly. Although they can tolerate low light they’ll do the best in bright but indirect sunlight. Since a lot of sun comes through my bedroom window I keep these just a little bit away from my window on a desk. They also like humidity so I spray them with my plant mister every few days. This plant, like most, does best when the soil is consistently moist. The first prayer plant I got was a red one and I got it at Lowe’s for around $20. The second one I found was a local place(sorry non-buffalo readers), called Mischler’s. Mischler’s prices go by pot size and this was a bit of a smaller one priced at 15 dollars. At Lowes and Michler’s these were the last ones they had at the time. But if you are from Buffalo and looking for one of these I also went to Angle Acres this month and they had A LOT.

Epipremnum Aureum(Pothos/Devils Ivy/Money Plant)

So I had one of these last summer but it didn’t make it through the winter, unfortunately. But since they are super pretty and easy to care for I had to get another one. This plant, like the last, can tolerate low light but does best in medium to high indirect light. A little fun fact about this plant is that it is an air purifier! It removes Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Benzene from the air. This plant is so easy to take care of and almost impossible to kill(ignore that I killed mine though hehe). It can go a while without being water and can even keep growing in dry soil. But it is recommended to keep the soil moist. I got this one from Home Depot for $14!

Bird of Paradise

I’ve been wanting one of these plants and they always have them at Home Depot and Lowes but I never got it because they’re always big and I don’t have a ton of space for one so large. BUT when I went to Home Depot this month I saw that they had baby ones so I had to have it. This plant does best in a sunny spot but will also tolerate low indirect sunlight. It’s easy to overwater these plants so I would go a little longer between watering and when watering, don’t overdo it.

String of Pearls

This is another one that I tried finding last year with no luck. I found this one at Mischler’s as well. This one cost $30 dollars but it did come with the hanging planter that its in. The string of pearls is technically a succulent so it prefers bright light. But it can also tolerate low light. I water this about one once a week. This one can go longer between watering depending on other factors that would make the soil dry. Basically, don’t let it get bone dry or it won’t do well. I think this is the perfect hanging plant if you’re looking for one. Since its a succulent, it’s easy to care for but it falls really pretty.

Ficus Elastica(Rubber Fig)

This was one of the few plants that I got last year that survived the winter. Although it survived it lost a lot of leaves. Fortunately, the leaves are growing back. But I saw a shorter version of it at Mischler’s and it’s super full so I had to have it. Then when I went to Angle Acres I saw they had a bunch including a different species of it. The one I got last year and the one from Mischler’s are Burgundy Ficus Elastica. The one I found at Angle Acres(for $10) is a Ruby. This one has more variegation and more bright red coloring. There is one more type of rubber fig that I’m on the hunt for this summer so hopefully i’ll be sharing that one soon as well. These prefer direct sunlight so they’re all right in front of my window. They also like to have moist soil but need good drainage since they tend to be overwatered.


Okay, this plant I’m definitely most excited about. You probably have seen this plant before since its super popular. It’s popularity definitely made it hard to find in Buffalo. I nearly screamed when I saw it at Angle Acres because I’ve been looking for one for so long. I got this monstera for 50 dollars and that’s probably the most I’ll ever spend on a plant. Since this plant needs to drain the water well i take mine outside and put it on a patio table that has holes. i was too scared to repot this one so i left it in the nursery pot and just put that into a decrotive pot so if i wanted to water it inside i probably could. they also do best in indirect light.

Fiddle Leaf

if you read any of my plant posts from last year you’ll know how excited I was to get a fiddle leaf fig. Unfortunately it died and then i got another and guess what? it died as well. and what did i do? yep, buy another one. but this time i bought a small one. i thought maybe i can maintain a smaller one better and so far its doing well.  The fiddle does well in bright indirect sunlight and consistent moist soil. i bought the small one at Angle Acres for 10 dollars which is a little pricey considering the larger ones sell for around 12 dollars at Home Depot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did let me know! I would love to know if you guys want me to continue this series.



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