How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hi loves! Since starting my blog and my blog Instagram I’ve gotten so many questions about how I edit my pictures. I’ve gone through a few different ways of editing my photos. I wanted to put this together for everyone that has asked so they can see specifically how I do it!


This is the first filter I used and I used it for a very long time. I’ve pretty much used this up until about a month ago. I loved using this because it made my feed look “clean.” The main issue I had with this filter is that is was hard to make my feed look cohesive. Obviously every picture I take isn’t going to have the same colors and tones so it made it hard to keep the clean look work. If you take a lot of photos with clean or white backgrounds this would work really well for you!

This is the filter I started using about a month ago and I would definitely continue using it if I didn’t recently purchase a preset. This one is a lot different from the previous one I used. I like this one because I felt like it worked a lot better for the color of the pictures I usually take. The warmer tones give such a good fall vibe so its prefect for this time of year. My main struggle with this one was some of my pictures were too dark with it. I almost always bring up the exposure on my photos but it didn’t always works with the darker ones. This one definitely needs to be played around with for different exposures. 

So I told myself I would never buy a preset for pictures because I’m not terrible at editing pictures and I think spending money on stuff like that is a waste. BUT when I saw this blogger release her preset I had to have it. I am so obsessed with how her feed looks and it didn’t cost as much as the usual blogger preset so I didn’t feel too bad about it. Obviously I didn’t show the edits for this one because you have to buy it, but you can do so here. For this one I always bring the exposure up a lot more than what the preset is set to. I also go into VSCO and add the A4 filter and a few extra adjustments. 


The main apps I use for adjustments are VSCO and Lightroom. These filters won’t work on every photo, but you can edit them to work for you. Some photos may need color or exposure adjustment. My recommendation is to be patient and play around with different settings to get it how you like. Another app I like to use is Facetune 2. I’ll use this when I take a picture against a plain wall or table that isn’t white and I’ll use the teeth whitener setting to make it look white/brighten it up. This is really helpful when you’re using the first filter and want a clean feed. I don’t use Afterlight a ton on my instagram but I’ve had questions about it. I use this app for the “dust” effect. This is the best app I’ve found to do this effect and I highly recommend it. It also has light exposure, color shift and a lot of other fun affect filters.


If you really want your feed to go together I would recommend trying to make sure the colors in the pictures you’re taking are consistent. Another tip is to take pictures of everything! I have thousands of pictures on my phone of random things, but you never know what might look cool on your feed until you try it. Don’t be afraid to be that person that takes a picture of their coffee cup in the middle of Starbucks. When I first started my blog I went to downtown Buffalo and took solo pictures where everyone could see. I got weird looks, but who cares! Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do. My last tip and the most important is to not stress over it. Comparing your Instagram to others is not going to help you. Instagram is supposed to be a fun place where you can express yourself and have fun with your photos.

If you have any additional comments or need help editing specific pictures please feel free to message me or leave a comment! I’ll be doing a post on how I edit my stories and story highlights, look back for that one tomorrow!



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  1. Toma wrote:

    This is so helpful thanks for sharing! ♥️

    Posted 10.10.18 Reply
  2. I think VSCO would be a great fit for me! Thank for suggesting these apps.

    Posted 10.11.18 Reply
  3. I’ve just gotten Lightroom and I am not 100% sure how to use it but it seems like it creates such gorgeous edits on pictures. I really need to learn how to use it a bit better. I do use VSCO though and I love it — I also love A Color Story!

    Great post! x


    Posted 10.11.18 Reply
  4. Ell wrote:

    This was so helpful! Thank you!!! Lightroom is one of my favorites apps! I love the way you edit (:

    Posted 10.11.18 Reply
  5. Crissy wrote:

    Great tips thank you for sharing!

    Posted 10.11.18 Reply
  6. Nina wrote:

    I like VSCO a lot. I used to use them! I now use an app called BeFunky because VSCO I think makes you pay now.

    Posted 10.11.18 Reply
  7. Britt wrote:

    Great suggestions! Love how you edit your pics! 💕

    Posted 10.11.18 Reply
  8. ltmcgrath wrote:

    I use VSCO to edit my photos. I havent ventured into filters yet, though! Just simple editing to the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

    Posted 10.12.18 Reply
  9. staceywritesmore wrote:

    The screen shots are super helpful in explaining the settings. Thanks!

    Posted 10.12.18 Reply
  10. I always like to see people’s take on IG themes and using the same filter!

    Posted 10.12.18 Reply
  11. Alexandra wrote:

    Thank you, Liv – I have needed help with this for so long. I have saved your post, and am going to play around with photos ASAP 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Posted 10.12.18 Reply