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Gift Guide for Your Fur Babe - Ready Set Liv

Gift Guide for Your Fur Babe

It’s the season for shopping, so it’s the perfect time to share gift guides! On my Instagram I asked what type of blog posts you guys wanted to see and I actually got a few people asking for more about Daisy/dogs in general. Which honestly surprised me but it gave me the idea to do this post! This is my first year with a dog and I want to buy her SO many things. I made a list of all my favorite dog/cat shops so you can get an idea of what to get your fur babe! I will also being doing gift guides for ‘her’ and ‘him,’ make sure to subscribe to see when these are posted!

Note: Most of these companies/brands were found through Instagram. With that being said, a lot of them are handmade or small businesses so if you want to order any of these products make sure you do it soon so they have enough time to make your order in time for the holidays! Follow my pup, Daisy on Instagram to stay updated on all her fashion trends(:



I love supporting small businesses and this is a new one I recently found on Instagram! I found them because I follow the “CEO” @pjthegoldie who is such a cute golden. I recently ordered the ‘Buzzed’ bandana and I just got it in the mail a couple days ago. I am SO obsessed with it, it looks so cute on Daisy. They also have a bunch of other cute, reversible bandanas-including holiday prints! Some of my favorites are Harvest Plaid, Oh Deer and Merry Slothmas. The owner of this shop is so kind, I’m so excited to see where this company goes and all the fabrics they’ll come out with. Also if your fur babe has an Instagram account, they’re currently looking for models so make sure you check out their Instagram to see how to enter!

Hunter & June


I adore this company! They have such cute toys, dog mom clothes, dog walking accessories and so much more! I have never ordered from here but I’ve only heard great things so I’m planning on ordering from them for Daisys Christmas present! The first thing I saw on their website was the Infinity Scarf. I know Daisy would not be a fan of this but I think it’s so cute so if you think your dog would be able to wear it without trying to chew it off, then you should definitely get it(and send me pictures because I think it’s so cute). The thing I want to get Daisy from here is their Cactus Rope Toy. Daisy loves rope toys and if you know me, you know I love plants so this is perfect. They have other rope toys and really cute squeak toys as well! Okay, this last one isn’t for your fur babe but it is for dog moms so if you know one, keep reading. They have a few dog mom apparel pieces but I LOVE this ‘Can I Bring My Dog Tee.’ It’s so cute and…so true?? Hunter & June also has a storefront in Nashville, so if you live in that area be sure to check them out there! I’m hoping I can visit soon to check out their store because it looks adorable.

Ellie & Co.


This is another company I found through Instagram! I LOVE the prints on these bandanas, they’re all so cute. I also don’t own currently own anything from this shop but it is on Daisys Christmas list. A few of my favorites include; Winter, Desert Moon and December. This shop just recently came out with their winter collection and I just adore them. This is another company that I’m excited to see the growth with. The current available fabrics are so cute and I know they’ll continue to come out with great items. They also have bowties which would be so cute for boy dogs!

Brody’s Bandanas


If you couldn’t already tell, I’m obsessed with dog bandanas. This is another company I found through Instagram because I followed the ‘CEO’ @_brodythegolden who is also a cutie golden! We just recently purchased the ‘Bad and Boujee‘ bandana for one of Daisy’s Christmas presents and I’m so excited about it. It gives me Clueless vibes and I adore it. They have sosooso many fabrics on their site including holidays, birthdays and so much more. You can also get 10% off your order with Brody’s code “BRODY10” which makes these such a good deal! Some of my other favorites are ‘But First, Coffee‘ and ‘Candy Cane.’

Daisy’s Dog House


This one is for my Buffalo people! When my boyfriend and I heard of this store we HAD to go immediately because of the name. I love this store so much! They have a variety of dog and cat toys, accessories, food and much more. One of the things we keep going back for are their toys, they’re made with a stronger fabric which is great for Daisy. Daisy is a heavy chewer and needs to get the squeak out of her toys and she does rip through these but it takes her much longer than a regular toy. Right now they also have a bunch of cute Christmas toys, like the candy cane pictured above. The owner of this shop is so kind and will help you find something perfect for your dog or cat. 

River & Co + My Pupper

River & Co: Website | Instagram

My Pupper: Website | Instagram

I put these two together because they are both Australian brands. With this being said, its too late for ordering in time for Christmas unless you’re in Australia. I still wanted to briefly mention them incase you still wanted to order and give your fur babe a late Christmas gift. I LOVE both of these brands and am waiting for orders from both places. River & Co has bandanas and also matching hair accessories for the dog moms! My Pupper has amazing eco-friendly bandanas, collars, leashes, harnesses and more! I love how unique both of these brands are and I definitely recommend checking them out. Note: the prices on their sites are in Australian dollars so it will look more pricey than it is.


I wanted to list a few more companies I found that would be worth checking out but I didn’t want to make this post too long!

Tip: A lot of these businesses mentioned have models. Meaning if you go to the companies Instagram and find their models pages you can find discount codes for the companies products. 

If you have any questions about these brands, please feel free to ask me through Instagram! Also if there’s anything else you’re looking for that wasn’t mentioned on here, I can help you find something. AND if you get your fur babe anything from any of these sites be sure to share them with me. I cant wait to see what your fur babe gets for Christmas!!!



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