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Favorite Health Apps - Ready Set Liv

Favorite Health Apps

Okay so I’m no health guru but I don’t love taking care of my body mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve found some apps that help me stay on track with my health. I wanted to share them with you guys and hopefully they’ll help you too! 


I use this app to keep track of my calorie intake. You don’t need to be losing weight to use this. I’m currently trying to maintain my weight and also ‘tone’ my body. This is super helpful because it shows you not only your calories but also the different things in your food. For me, I have an issue with eating too many bad carbs. So its good to see how many carbs I’m eating. It also shows things like your protein, fat and sugar intake. Theres also an option to show more nutrients if you purchase the premium plan. The only reason I haven’t purchased the premium plan is because I eat out a lot so it doesn’t have everything I eat on there. I use it to get an idea of what I eat. Basically, you need to realize with any of these types of apps its bot going to be 100% accurate unless you never eat out/you prepare all your own foods. But it will definitely help you get an idea of what types of things you’re putting into your body. 

Simple Habit

I talked about in my Nighttime Routine post how I love doing guided meditation before bed. I also mentioned I was using Youtube to find videos for this. BUT I recently discovered this app that has made it so much easier! This app has SO many different types of guided meditations. The thing that makes this easier than just searching on Youtube is that you can search by what type of meditation you’re looking for and also the length. So if  you only have five minutes before going to bed you can find something just for that. So far I’ve only used this for my before bed meditation but I plan on doing it a lot more frequently. I get anxiety while driving and they have a section for commuting so I definitely want to see if that will help me!

Yoga Wake Up

I’ve been slacking with doing yoga recently so I was searching for an app that will help me with this! I really love this app because I like to do yoga in the morning when I can but this specifically has an option for doing yoga/stretches while still being in bed. This is a great way to wake your body up and get ready for the day. I love being able to stay in bed and also practice yoga since it’s so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. If you think doing yoga while in bed is not for you, they also have normal guided yoga. They also have different time lengths so if you don’t have time to do a full workout in the morning you can select a quick five minute yoga session.  Since I’m no where near advanced in yoga this is great because its guided and tells you exactly what to do. 

Migraine Buddy

So this app won’t be helpful to everyone but if you get migraines–I highly suggest using this app. I’ve been getting migraines for a while now and when I first went to the doctor for it they told me to write down everything I eat and do the day I got a migraine. If you know me, you know I’m way too lazy to do that. I came across this app because I frequently browse the Health + Fitness section of the App Store. Since I still don’t fully know what triggers my migraines this is going to be super helpful for me. On this app you basically track your migraine but it makes it so easy. It allows you to set the time your migraine started and then it goes through different things that could be possible triggers. It also lets you pick where the pain is, what type of migraine it is, the intensity of the pain, where you were when it started, what medication you took, if you felt any symptoms before it started and many more things. This is SUPER helpful and I hope it helps me to figure out what triggers my migraines! This is going to be really great when I go to the doctor and they can see exactly whats happening during my attacks and it will narrow down what type of medication/treatment I will need.


This app is an Apple app and I’m not sure if it will be any help of you don’t own an Apple Watch so I apologize if this isn’t useful for you. But for my Apple Watch owners, if you don’t use this you definitely should! This app will automatically track your movement throughout the day. It tracks how many calories you’ve burned from moving, how many minutes you’ve exercised and how many hours you spent standing. If you track your workouts through your Apple Watch, it will send the data directly to this app. This is super helpful for me because I can track my daily walks and see the distance I went and my heart rate while doing the workout as well. It will also send your calories burned right to your Fooducate app so it keeps your calories accurate for the day.


I put these in one category because they aren’t technically considered health apps but they have been helpful for my health! I use Apple’s ‘Reminder’ app for my medications and vitamins. I am extremely bad at taking my medications and vitamins because I’m so forgetful. Using the reminders app I can set a daily reminder for each thing I take and this makes it harder for me to forget. I set the time for right when I wake up so it’s the first thing I see when I check my phone. If you go to Apples ‘Clock’ app and click ‘Bedtime’ this will allow you to set a time for you to go to bed and a time to wake up and see how many hours of sleep you’re getting. You may be thinking, why do I need my phone to tell me when to go to bed? If you’re anything like me, its easy to get sucked into doing work or binge watching TV shows. Having this alert on my phone reminds me I need to start getting ready for bed and not stay up all night. When you set your wake up time its important to try to get around 8 hours of sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is super important for our health–so even if this sounds like something obvious it’s a good reminder to think of!


This is another Apple app but its super helpful. As long as you turn on the share to Health app on all your other apps, this will show you everything in the previous apps. This brings together all of your information for the day. I love looking at this at the end of the day to see where I can make improvements in my health. It also has additional things you can enter like your body measurements, health records, vitals and more. If you have an Apple Watch it will also show your heart rate throughout the day. ALSO, in this app is where you can set up your Medical ID. I highly recommend doing this because you can add all your medications, emergency contacts, blood type, etc. This can be accessed from the ’emergency’ page of your home screen. So, if anything were to ever happen to you–the doctors can easily find your information. Lets hope it never has to be used but its good to have it set up!

What health app do you guys use? I would love to know, leave me a comment!



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  1. Yes, so good!

    Posted 10.18.18 Reply
  2. Great post. I suffer from migrane amd definitively check the app

    Posted 10.18.18 Reply
  3. Gillian wrote:

    I just downloaded Yoga Wakeup. Can’t wait to try it. Wish me luck. Need to start a routine. These are some amazing apps that you are sharing.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply