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Favorite Buffalo Girl Bosses - Ready Set Liv

Favorite Buffalo Girl Bosses

You probably all know how much I love supporting other gals so I wanted to share some of my favorite local babes. I rounded up a few of my favorite bloggers, youtubers, artist and more from the Buffalo area! Theses are all girls that I’m excited to see their work and what they post!

L a u r e n

Youtube | Instagram | Pinterest

If you follow me on instagram you know Lauren is one of my best friends AND she just started a youtube channel! If you’re into fashion, challenges or just fun videos you need to check out her channel. She puts so much effort into them and it shows, she’s super dedicated to putting out great content. I know you’ll all love her as much was I do!

G a b b y

Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Gabby is another one of my best friends! Gabby recently started a blog that includes mental health, lifestyle and health. She also posts great reviews that you don’t want to miss. AND she is starting up her youtube channel so you’ll definitely want to subscribe to be the first to know about her videos!

J o r d a n

Instagram  | Appointments

I couldn’t write a post about boss babes without including my sister, Jordan. She is such a hard working person and loves to make you feel your absolute best. Jordan has been transforming girls and guys hair since she was in high school and she is AMAZING at it. If you’re from Buffalo and not going to Jordan for your hair(or at least Chez Ann) I promise you, you’re missing out.

O l i v i a

Blog | Instagram | Pinterest

Olivias blog makes me wish I had my own home! Her and her boyfriend have been renovating an old Victorian home in the Elmwood village and as you can see from the pictures it is absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for home inspiration you need to check out her page! She is a super creative person and everything she posts is so aesthetically pleasing. She was also one of the first bloggers I followed when first making my own and I’ve looked up to her since. She also briefly mentioned starting a business where she designs events, graphics and more and I am so excited to see all the work she does in the future!

C a s e y

Calligraphy Instagram | Art Instagram | Portfolio

CASEY, every time I think of her or see her pop up on my instagram I get so happy. Casey designed the Ready Set Liv logos that I will love and cherish FOREVER. She also does insane art work and is beyond talented. When I move into my own place I will definitely be purchasing one of her pieces to hang because they are SO good. She also does amazing calligraphy on things like signs, posters and more. Her wedding work is my absolute favorite! I know she has bigs plans for expanding her calligraphy work and what she does with it and I am so excited to see. You’ll definitely want to contact her for any wedding decorations or signs you may want.

A r i a n a


Ariana is the most genuine person I’ve ever known, she’s so kind and honest. She is also such a BOSS. She teaches workout classes that look so intense but in the best way possible. I need to get my butt to one of these classes because I know she’ll keep me on my toes. I could say so much about this girl but just know she’s amazing and you will love her I swear.

C a i t l y n

Shop | Instagram | Portfolio

Caitlyn is an amazing graphic designer. She does business logos and other graphics! She also sells the cutest little stickers that she designed and I promise you need them! I cant wait to see all the future work Caitlyn does and you should all follow along with me and see the great things she does!

B a y l i e

Youtube | Instagram

Baylie just recently started a youtube channel and you’ll definitely want to check it out if youre into makeup! She is super knowledgable in makeup and the videos she has posted so far have been so helpful. She also works at Sephora and shares things she gets from there! Aside from that, she is AMAZING at makeup and is also such a kind person. Make sure you subscribe to her Youtube so you never miss a post!

B r i t t a n y

Blog | Instagram

I just recently started following Brittany but I am so glad I did! The first thing that caught my eye when following her was all her cute outfits but then I quickly realized how cool she is! I love how real she is and when she posts on her instagram stories I always catch myself laughing at my phone or looking up an outfit piece she just bought. She also has a blog that you’ll definitely want to check out!

E m i l y


Emily is such an amazing photographer. Her work is so cool and different from most things I’ve seen and I love that! Her photography page is newer but I’m so excited to see all her future shoots. She’s focusing on portraits, engagement and family photos, so make sure you reach out to her for any photos you may need!

I know ALL of these people would be extremely grateful if you check out their work. From Buffalo or not, I know you’ll love them as much as I do! If you are from Buffalo you should 100% connect with these BOSS babes because they are all amazing in their own ways. I know I didn’t say a lot about each of them but their work speaks for itself and you can click the links I’ve attached to see all their amazing sites and profiles! I love that there are so many local creatives and I love to see the work they put out. I know there are probably many many more people in Buffalo but these are just some of my tops! If you want me to continue doing posts like this, let me know!



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