Fall Essentials For A Cozy Day In

Fall is such a good time of year to cozy up and stay in. Lately I’ve been loving staying in on the weekends and having a cozy fall day. This calls for some essentials! I created a list of things that make my day much cozier.

  1. Candles-Fall candle scents are my absolute favorite! I LOVE the ones from Bath + Body Works. My favorites from there are Sweater Weather and Leaves.
  2. Slippers-My feet are also so cold so these are DEFINITELY an essential. The ones I’ve been using are from Target and they were only five dollars! But unfortunately I got them last year and I couldn’t find them online. If you want a similar pair I would suggest looking at target closer to Christmas times! But they also have a lot of great ones now as well.
  3. Blankets-This is an obvious one but blankets are so necessary. I love using heated blankets or fluffy blankets and just cuddling up! My favorite ones are from Target as well. I love this one!
  4. A Warm Drink-When I’m snuggling up I love having a warm drink. At this time of year hot apple cider is so prefect. I’ll also do hot chocolate, green tea or coffee!
  5. A Good Movie/Show-Once I’m all cozied up, I love putting on a good movie or binge watching a TV show(it’s usually Grey’s Anatomy).

What are you essentials for a cozy fall day? Leave me a comment!



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