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Fall Bucket List - Ready Set Liv

Fall Bucket List

I said this in my last post but I really cant believe how quick this year has gone by! The month of September felt so short but I’m so glad it’s finally fall! I’ve been talking to my friends and family about how I want to do so many fall activities so I decided to make a list of few of the things I hope to do this fall.

  1. Apple picking-this is definitely my favorite fall activity!
  2. Bake an apple pie-gotta do something with the apples we pick(:
  3. Pumpkin farm-I didn’t get the chance to go the pumpkin farm last year so I definitely want to go this year.
  4. Carve pumpkins-I loved doing this as a kid but I think you can do it at any age.
  5. Have a fall photoshoot-I love seeing fall photos so I definitely want to have some taken of me and my friends or family.
  6. Binge watch halloween movies-the 31 days of halloween started yesterday so I definitely want to take a day and just watch movies all day, sounds like a great Sunday activity.
  7. Make s’mores-who doesn’t love s’mores and a nice bonfire?!
  8. Make a vegetarian dish for thanksgiving-no one else in my family is vegetarian so I would love to make something different for them to try.
  9. Take walks as often as I can-I love going on walks in the summer but in the fall/winter I don’t have the motivation but I really want to push myself to do it this fall because its great to get outside. Especially when we’re cooped up inside all the time.
  10. Wine tasting-I’m finally 21 and I think going wine tasting would be such a fun experience!

I hope I can update you guys on all the fall things I do! I’m hoping it doesn’t come and go so I have time to do everything. What are you plans this fall? Leave me a comment!



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