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COOLA Suncare

Hello my loves! I recently got my second Influenster box and I was so excited to see COOLA products when I opened it. I’ve heard about this brand before but never tried any of their products. I received the Sun Silk Drops and the Scalp + Hair Mist. I’ve never tried products like either of these so I can’t say I was more excited to try one or the other but I was a little skeptical about the hair mist. I was nervous that the mist would make my hair look greasy or feel gross but it did not at all! I honestly didn’t even know products like this existed and I was super excited about it because I have a really sensitive scalp from dying my hair so often. I almost always part my hair in the middle and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten sunburn right down the middle of my scalp. I really wanted to put this to the test so I wore it two different days that I knew I would be out in the sun all day. After wearing this my scalp didn’t burn at ALL. I was honestly very surprised since the SPF is only 30 and my scalp is extremely sensitive. This product will also protect your hair color which is great for me since my hair is chemically treated. I used the silk drops two different days as well. The first day I used it by itself, no other makeup and the second time under a foundation. I really loved this product to use by itself, it gave my skin a natural glow while also protecting it from the sun. I’ve always been scared to put normal sunscreens on my face because I’m very prone to breakouts but I don’t want to burn. This product is perfect for my concerns because it is vegan and made without sulfates, parabens and all the other stuff you wouldn’t want on your face for a long period of time. I wasn’t a huge fan of this product under a foundation because it kind of made my skin look more oily than usual. I do usually have more oily skin so this might work under a foundation for someone with dry skin!

If you want to receive complimentary products to review from influenster use my referral link HERE!

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes but all opinions are my own(:



Top Five Friday: Shoes

Hi honeys! This is my first ‘Top Five Friday’ and I’m so excited! So I’ve seen a lot people doing “Friday favorites” and things like that so I thought it would be fun to do something similar. I’m sure someone has done this before so I’m not claiming that I came up with this idea. BUT every Friday I’m going to pick my top five products on different topics. They might be things I have or similar things to what I have or even things I want to purchase. So to start I thought I would do shoes since I’m obsessed with shoes! These are my top five shoes for the summer.

  • Platform Sandals: Okay so I don’t own these specific shoes but I had to put these in. Platforms have been really in lately and I think some people were kind of scared of this trend until the summer when all these cute sandals started coming out. I think these are perfect for every day wear or dressing them up. These are definitely a must-have this summer. The pair I own and am obsessed with are currently sold out but you can sign up to be emailed when they are available here.
  • Mules: I also don’t own these but I wish I did. I’ve been eyeing these shoes for awhile and they’re definitely going to be my next purchase. I think mules are perfect for the summer because if you’re anything like me a you love being able to slide shoes on real quick before leaving the house.
  • Birkenstock Sandals: I bought these last summer and they have been my go-to ever since for warm weather. I wear theses to work very often or when I’m going to run errands, they’re super comfortable and easy to pair with outfits.
  • Wedges: I feel like wedges will never go out of style, especially for summer. I wear these whenever I’m going out or doing something that requires me to dress up a little.
  • Slip-On Vans: If you know me, you know vans are my all time favorite shoes so how could I not include them? These are my most recently purchased pair and I’ve been loving them. The yellow gives such a summer vibe and they’re very comfortable if you plan to do a day of a lot of walking around.

If you guys enjoyed this post, please leave some feedback! Also if you have any top five things you want to see feel free to leave a comment or direct message me on instagram!

What are your go-to summer shoes?



How I Maintain Blonde Hair

Over the last couple years and more in the past few months i’ve gotten so many questions about my hair. How do you get it so blonde? Who does it? How do you keep it healthy? So here I am to tell you all my secrets! As you can see from the photos my hair has kinda been all over the place. I went ‘Bald for Bucks’ a little over five years ago and I originally wanted to keep my natural hair color but as soon as it started growing back out I got highlights. I want to start off by thanking my sister, Jordan, for being the best hairstylist and always keeping it real with me. When I first told her I wanted to do platinum blonde she told me I was crazy but we could try it and it would take time. While in the process of going blonde I wanted to try different things silver, grey, purple, blue, whatever it was Jordan always went with it. Side note, at one point I wanted to do a darker root so I didn’t have to get my roots done so often. This was probably one of my biggest regrets with my hair because not much longer I wanted to go back blonde. Bleaching the dark root caused a lot of breakage which is still recovering, so if you think you want to do this because it will give your hair a break from bleach, don’t do it (unless you think you’ll stay dark). BUT more recently we finally got to a color I’ve really been liking and it’s the perfect blonde for me. I think one of the biggest things people don’t realize is that getting your hair super blonde when you aren’t a natural blonde isn’t always the easiest. Everyone has different hair and some people can go blonde easier than others, that isn’t the case for me. I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error and have had yellow hair at times but that was a risk I was willing to take to be blonde. I also highly recommend seeing a professional for hair, i’ve heard some pretty terrible stories about people box dying their hair and no one wants to go through that. Like I said before, my sister does my hair and she is incredible and her coworkers have also helped come up with formulas at times for my hair and I am extremely grateful for that! Check out her instagram HERE and other work from her coworkers HERE. 

The majority of questions I get are asking how I keep it healthy. I obviously have some breakage from bleaching it so often but there are a few products I use to keep it from getting worse. My favorite product is the Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Reconstructing Treatment. I use this product once a week, it helps and prevents from environmental, chemical, heat and physical damage. Another product I use to keep my hair looking healthy is Oribe’s Supershine Moisturizing Cream. I use this right when I get out of the shower to keep my hair from looking frizzy. You can also use also use this product when your hair is dry to keep the frizz down even more and it doesn’t make your hair look greasy at all. Another tip for keeping your hair healthy is to not wash it every day! Some people may think this is weird but I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Washing your hair every day will strip your hair of its natural oils which will make your hair brittle and dry. I also try to air dry my hair as much as possible and put as little heat on as possible.

A lot of people also ask how I get my hair so blonde or how I maintain it. One of the biggest things is to make sure you’re getting salon products. Most of the products you buy at drug stores have alcohol, animal fats, sulfates and/or parabens which can also damage your hair and also don’t help with color treated hair. I’ve used things like Pantene and had chunks of my hair come out as I washing and after washing it. Since I naturally have thinner hair I don’t want my hair falling out, I mean who does? The best shampoo and conditioner I’ve used for maintaining my blonde is R + Co’s Sunset Blvd. This is a blonde shampoo and conditioner so it eliminates any brassy tones and makes your blonde brighter. I’ve used a ton of different blonde shampoo and conditioners but this is the only one that doesn’t turn my hair purple. I didn’t always mind having a little purple tint in my hair but once I got over that I wanted something that would JUST keep the blonde. When my hair is feeling a little more dry than usual I like to use R + Cos Atlantis shampoo and conditioner. These keep my dry and damaged parts of my hair moisturized. 

These products have also helped my hair significantly.

  • Wet Brush: If you don’t have one of these I highly recommend buying one asap. This is perfect for when your hair is wet OR dry, it doesn’t pull all my hair out like a normal brush.
  • Vitafusion Vitamins: I’ve talked about these in previous posts but this really is the best hair vitamin I’ve tried. It helps hair growth and keeping hair strong.
  • Scrunchies: This may be an obvious one to some people but I really prefer scrunchies over regular hair ties because they don’t pull my hair out when I do a messy bun. My favorite scrunchies are the packs from Urban Outfitters. Another side note, putting your hair up very frequently can cause a lot of damage to your hair so try leaving it natural more often!
  • Dry Shampoo: If your hair gets greasy easily, like mine, this will be perfect for days you don’t wash your hair.
  • Opalex No. 3: Another hair treatment for damaged hair.
I’ve also linked a few other products that I’ve tried and love. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment or direct message me on instagram!



BareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer Review

Hi beauties! I recently received a complimentary bareMinerals BAREPRO concealer in the mail from Influenster! I was so excited to receive my first ever item from them and even more excited it was from bareMinerals since I already love the brand so much.I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this concealer at first, mostly because I have never tried a stick concealer before. But also because I’m very picky about my concealers, I hate concealers that cause creasing because I have a natural crease under my eyes already, I don’t want it so be accentuated by makeup. With a stick I didn’t think it would have the ability to not crease. I was extremely surprised when I first applied it, it was super creamy and applied so smooth. I wanted to see how it blended with both a damp beauty sponge and a brush and I found that it blended much better with the beauty sponge. I’ve used this concealer a few times since first receiving it and I can confidently say that it is long lasting, it says its 16-hour coverage but I definitely didn’t wear it for that long (because who has that kind of time). It also claims to be full coverage and I’m usually more into a medium coverage concealer which I felt like this was. I’m sure if you wanted it to be more full coverage you could build it up but I like that it didn’t go on cakey. This concealer has quickly become one of my new favorite concealers and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to test it out! BareMinerals also has a BAREPRO liquid and powder foundation so I’m going to try those out as well and see how they wear with the concealer. I definitely recommend this concealer if you’re looking for a new one and for reference I have the shade 04(light-neutral) and my skin is combination. If you guys have this concealer or plan to get it, let me know what you think!



**disclaimer: these products were sent to me for free by Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions belong to me(:

New York, New York

Hello my loves! It’s been awhile since my last blog post and I’ve honestly felt like I’ve been in such a rut in every aspect of my life recently but I can definitely feel myself coming out of it. If you follow my instagram you probably saw that I recently went on a little trip to New York City. Every time I go there something refuels me and makes me motivated and want to work harder. This might sound weird to some people but the city really just lifts me up when I’m down. Although I’m still struggling with some minor things in my life I really feel ready to get out of this rut and keep doing what I love. Here are a few highlights from my trip!

The first day we got there, there was a snow “storm.” If you’re from Buffalo like me, you’ll agree that this so called storm was nothing. But because of the snow we didn’t do too much the first day. BUT I finally got to try By CHLOE which is a vegan place and it was so good! I got the gauc burger and sweet potato fries and I honestly don’t know how I can wait till my next trip to the city to have it again. We also did a little walking around the Flatiron District!

We definitely got to do a lot more the second day. We had breakfast at our hotel which had an amazing view of Times Square. We decided to do the Top of the Rock, and although this was my second time doing it and I’ve never done the Empire State building I might be a little biased but I think if you’re going to New York and want to see a rooftop view, Top of the Rock is definitely the way to go. The view is amazing and it’s a great spot for pictures. For lunch we went to Pietro Nolita and the food was SO good and the atmosphere was so cute. The outside and inside is all pink and so adorable! We also did some shopping in Soho which I’ve never done before so I was very excited.

We went to the Brooklyn Bridge…well..for the pictures if were being honest. On our way there we went to the Milk + Cream Cereal Bar and it was to die for. I definitely recommend going if you’re in the city!

I think it’s safe to say after this trip I’m going to need to go to the gym much more frequently after all the food I ate. I hope this gave you some ideas of where to go during your next New York trip. If you have a favorite place to go or thing to do in the city leave me a comment so I can check it out next time I’m there!(ps you can find the details to all my outfits on my ‘Shop My Instagram‘ page.)