Hello loves! I’m Olivia but you can call me Liv. My parents must have known how I was going to turn out from the moment I was born because my name (Liv) sounds a whole lot like live, my favorite verb. I’m only on this earth once so I plan to live as much as I possibly can. A few months before creating Ready Set Liv I heard a quote on a movie trailer that said “you learn from living.” This really spoke to me because I strive to live my life to fullest and learn from my accomplishments and from my mistakes. When I created this blog I thought I would mainly focus on beauty because it really inspired me but it quickly expanded to fashion, lifestyle and health as well. I truly enjoy sharing my life and everything I love about it.

While make up and styling is more of a hobby, I have big plans to incorporate them into my life. Beauty comes from within, however make up and the right outfit let me express how I’m feeling that day. I love trying new products and sharing my honest opinions on them. While my style is more minimalistic, I love adding small pieces to make my look unique. 

My lifestyle section, Livstyle(you see what I did there), is uniquely focused on my passion for life. I am a very family orientated gal and love exploring and doing different things with my family and friends. I recently got a golden retriever puppy, so expect lots of puppy posts! I’ve gone through depression and anxiety from a young age up till now. I love sharing my journey and tips to help anyone I can. After going through really hard times I’ve learned practicing great self care and taking care of my body mentally, emotionally and physically is very important. 

I am so excited to share my life and all the adventures that I enjoy, I hope you enjoy following me on this journey!

Live your life to the fullest extent and follow along as I live mine!