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30 Day Happiness Challenge - Ready Set Liv

30 Day Happiness Challenge

Hello loves and happy(almost) new year! This new year for me is the year of self care and happiness. I always talk about how I struggle with comparing my life and things to others and I have been working to change the way I view things. But this year I want to focus on this more and different aspects of what make me happy. I created this 30 Day Happiness Challenge in order to help me and you to stick to our goals this year. Although this is one thing every day I want to incorporate some of these things in my everyday life. I hope this helps you create a great year for yourself as well.

Day 1: Take a walk outside(or inside if it’s too cold)

Day 2: Take a day to clean/organize your bedroom

Day 3: Disconnect from social media

Day 4: Cook a healthy meal

Day 5: Watch a movie

Day 6: Take a bubblebath 

Day 7: Meditate

Day 8: Bake Cookies

Day 9: Get a pedicure

Day 10: Create a playlist of your favorite songs

Day 11: Write down things youre grateful for

Day 12: Practice Yoga

Day 13: Read a good book

Day 14: Make a list of goals

Day 15: Donate or volunteer

Day 16: Wake up early and make a good breakfast

Day 17: Take yourself on a date

Day 18: Enjoy a cup of tea

Day 19: Go to a new restaurant or cafe

Day 20: Treat yo’ self

Day 21: Buy coffee for a stranger

Day 22: Clean out your closet, get rid of things you don’t wear

Day 23: Do a face mask

Day 24: Write down your accomplishments

Day 25: Play with an animal

Day 26: Go to bed earlier than usual

Day 27: Do a cardio workout

Day 28: Finish your to-do list

Day 29: Do a puzzle

Day 30: Visit somewhere new

If you do this challenge I would love to know your experience with it. Send me a message on instagram or post a photo of you doing the activity and tag me! I’m planning to start this tomorrow, but you can always start it whenever. Wishing you all a beautiful and happy year.



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