20 Goals for 2020

Hi friends and happy new year! I always like to start off with making new goals for the year, as most people do. I know a lot of these may seem cliche but I definitely want to start making some changes this year. I’m hoping this post will partially hold me accountable for my goals and also inspire you guys to set your goals.

1. Travel more.

Why not start off with a cliche? I say this EVERY year but since I’ll be graduating school I will have a lot more time to do so. I already have some trips in mind but nothing actually booked yet so if you have suggestions on where to go please send them my way!

2. Stay true to myself.

I feel like this is something that isn’t talked about enough. Having a blog and being an ‘influencer’ is not as easy as it looks. This year I caught myself frequently comparing myself to other bloggers and influencers. I know a lot of other girls in similar situations as me have had this issue as well. I feel like comparing, comes to people(me) starting to do what others do. Maybe I think my life will be like theirs or I’ll start to get a similar following as them. Whatever it may be, I know I want to stop doing it. I want to start focusing on myself and creating unique content that really shows who I am.

3. Work on my brand.

This year I have been slacking heavyyy on my blog, brand, business, everything. I know this is because I had a jam-packed schedule of school and work but this is something I love doing so I want to use my free time to work on it and better it.

4. Do more yoga.

I loveeee doing yoga but I do not do it enough. I used to go every morning at 6 am but quickly burned out. So this time around I want to not do so much all at once.

5. Spend more time with my family + boyfriend.

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my loved ones. But I have a really bad habit of getting home from a long day of school and wanting to just lay in, binge watch Netflix and/or sleep. This year I plan to steer away from that and use my time to spend it with my favorite people.

6. Find a new type of workout I like.

I love working out but I hate not knowing what I’m doing when I work out. Therefore, I want to find a new class other than yoga that will motivate me to want to workout more.

7. Read more.

I feel like I say this every year but I really do want to start reading more. I have a really bad habit of starting a book and really getting into a book and then I stop or get distracted and then never go back to it.

8. Move out.

I always planned to move out of my dad’s house after I finish school and this year will be the year. I would love to move into an apartment with my boyfriend this year so I’m gonna try really hard to work up to that.

9. Drink more water.

I say this every year, every day. But its always a good idea to drink more water.

10. Get organized.

I’m generally a pretty organized person but this past year I have not been good. I want to go through my room and declutter and organize my room and life.

11. Reduce plastic use.

This is something I really want to work on. I’ve already started by using a reusable k-cup rather than the single-serve and other small things. But I want to be better about always bringing my reusable bags to the grocery store and just stop using single-use plastic in general.

12. Save money/stick to a budget.

This is something I REALLY need to work on. I am the worst at saving money and this year I want to change that. I also want to stick to a budget in order to save money.

13. Have a consistent sleep schedule.

I am a sleepy gal every day and I think its because of my inconsistent sleep schedule. I hope I can get a good sleep schedule going so I no longer have to depend on coffee to survive my days.

14. Spend more time outside.

As I talked about before, I have a tendency to come home and want to just sleep or binge watch Netflix. This year I want to get out of that habit and go on more walks and just spend more time outside in general.

15. Eat better.

My biggest new year’s resolution last year was to go vegan and I have been vegan ever since and definitely don’t plan on changing that ever. This year I want to stick to that but eat a little better. I don’t eat terrible now but I want to do less processed foods and more fruits and vegetables. Not necessarily a diet but just doing better.

16. Embrace change.

Change is a very scary thing and I try my best to accept it. Recently I’ve found myself really trying to reject change but this year I want to embrace it.

17. Stop complaining.

I have a really bad habit of complaining about little things. I want to change this and also just see positives in everything.

18. Stress less.

I’ve talked about my anxiety on here before and I’ve definitely been better about handling it and avoiding triggers. But I still feel a lot of stress about small things and I just want to manage my stress and anxiety better.

19. Be more present.

This is something I feel like I’m typically good at. But again with having high anxiety I sometimes get overwhelmed in situations and only think of bad outcomes rather than just going with the flow and being in the moment.

20. Stick to my goals.

I’m sure we have all made a million goals in the past and haven’t stuck to them. And I’m sure we’ve all said: “this year I’m really gonna stick to my goals” and we don’t. But I have this feeling that this year is really my year and I want to use my full potential to make it the best year yet.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment of your top goal for the year!



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